Brussels Airlines complaint: Ticket cancellation

Complaint from Charu25 reported on 11 March 2024 about Brussels Airlines

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My complaint:


I tried booking a ticket yesterday, but i got error. so I booked again 20 min later I got two mails with two bookings on same flight. i immediately called call centre, they were unable to help and said i have to mail i mailed them but no acknowledgment, so i messaged in fb..
A friend(NOT BRUSEELS AIRLINES!) informed me on 24 hour refund policy i called call centre again. the agent helped me cancel one PNR. however at same time, at fb chat(agent ), other PNR was also cancelled(NO EMAIL RECEIVED!!). so in the end both my PNR were cancelled n i needed to book again at higher cost.
My complaint is:
a) Blunder in first place due to error at Brussels airlines site error
b) when i explained the situation to Call centre did not tell me about 24 hour cancellation when i called them yesterday.
c) no acknowlegment on my mail to know if case if being handled
d) second time when i called the call centre , the agent did not inform me that other PNR has been cancelled
d) STILL NO EMAIL ation of cancellation of PNR by FB agent

All ending up in wasting my time n energy paying extra for the same ticket.

Could you kindly look into it. i dont feel its reasonable that a customer has to bear the consequencies of IT systems error in suffficient integration amongst various channels


Suggested solution:

at leasr provide me ticket at same price as my original price; and align their systems in the long run

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