Boost Mobile complaint: Turned my phone off after I payed my bill

on 16 May 2023 about Boost Mobile in category Telecom

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My complaint:

I’ve been a boost mobile customer since 2015 I’ve been paying my phone bill on the 22nd of every month since I woke up Monday may.8.2023 and my phone was off and I’ve been getting the run around for 5 days they’ve been putting in tickets but haven’t turned my phone back on they did some type of update and can’t see my records and or payment how is this my fault I’ve had the same plan since 2015 so I’m not understanding how they do a update and turn my phone off because they can’t see payment I never changed my phone plan at all so why is my phone off and there asking me for more money.

Suggested solution:

Get my phone turned back on I’ve been inconvenienced for 5 days I do alot of work from my phone I missed alot of work this week I need my phone back on this is crazy. 2015-2023 I’ve been a loyal customer

Turned my phone off after I payed my bill
Turned my phone off after I payed my bill
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