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Complaint from Carol R reported on 25 October 2023 about

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My complaint:

I booked flights through with British Airways back in January 23. BA. Contacted me direct in August to say flights are cancelled. I informed and requested a refund. They said they would do this. 2 months later I am still waiting. say they have raised with BA and are waiting for an approval. BA won’t speak to me direct as I booked through an agent however advise that they would have responded and issued a refund within 7-10 working days. You cannot get past an agent and I have spoken to about 20 different ones, no one will put you through to customer service and they just say I have to wait. £2500 is a lot of money to hang around waiting for. Also my booking still shows as going in the app despite asking every agent to make the changes to show it’s cancelled. This is so frustrating. Trading standards advise trying to resolve with the agent as you can see it’s impossible. I will NEVER use again

Suggested solution:

When they refund my money.

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