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My complaint:

Dear Sir Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Online travel agent,

The issue that I have experienced was: I have a complaint about this property which I have already advised your customer service team about it by phone on 2 different occasions on Saturday morning 3am and again at 9am of the same day.


Prior to our visit we were advised by the property there will be no WIFI, and that a new WIFI box will arrive on Saturday! We were 5 adults, myself, my husband (a kidney patient), my elderly parents 80 and 78 years old mum who’s diabetic, and my elder sister who suffers from severe asthma and diabetic too,. We have had a 3 and half hours journey from London to Sheffield. On the evening of our arrival we noticed the property was very chilly and cold, each room we entered. The boiler which controls the heating was switched off from the main and we had to put it on in order to heat the rooms. We have looked for manuals as advised by the property owner but was unable to locate it anywhere in the apartment, myself and husband started checking the boiler and the thermostat, switching it on off, checking boiler status to try and put the heating on. We worked on it for a couple of hours then contacted the property at 2:30am who I had been sending WhatsApp messages throughout the early morning hours till 04:18am (messages available upon request). I was trying as advised by the assistant different options to operate the boiler and work the thermostat!! Which, honestly, should have been checked before our arrival!! as it was getting too late I couldn’t continue, myself and my husband were not able to change to our pyjama’s due to the room temperature being too cold.

My sister who already had slight cold, has gotten worst due to the cold temperature of the whole apartment which increased her asthma condition as she was severely coughing and vomiting.

The next morning we had the cleaners partner and their son checking the boiler and the thermostat, they have tried switching the boiler onoff , carried out different checks tests but it wouldn’t work, this person wasn’t professional gas installed engineer to fix the boiler heating, I then called again and a spoke to Erika to complain but the she couldn’t assist me further but claimed that the property is trying to get this issue resolved and at this stage they wouldn’t arrange an alternate accommodation yet!!!! the propety owner didn’t make an effort to even supply us with electric heaters! And said the landlord will come and check it! At 13:45 a teenage boy turned up, didn’t introduce himself and walked in straight saying he came to check the boiler and fiddled around for half an hour and was on phone with some guy, then claimed the heater is warming up and would take an hour as it was switched off for long time, half an hour after he left the owner called and asked if all working’ But this was still not working Around 3 pm we have noticed there was no HOT WATER either. Again we turned the boiler onoff hoping for this to work, luckily there was hot water but still no heating! we had to leave to go out and the owner advised by phone and messages that she will be arranging to drop off electric heaters for us, and will be speaking to with regards to arranging for substitute accommodation, but unfortunately we didn’t hear back no messages: calls were followed to advise what arrangements has been made. Since there was no response from the owner I contacted her assistant, Desharna, who advised 1 portable heater has been supplied and left in the property when there should had been at least 3 heaters as there are 3 bedroom for 5 adults!! Again I have contacted to complain and put pressure on the owner they had to find us a solution.

I escalated the matter with Janet (a supervisor) at and was checking if we want to move out at 21:30 on Saturday night, when we were already going to check out the next morning!!

I just admit that both the property and have not been co-operative at all, there were vulnerable guests staying and both parties (property owner and took this matter very easy and didn’t fear the consequences! It has caused so much stress not only for me but my entire family, has not put pressure whatsoever on the owner, this matter needed to be looked at as an urgent matter,

Now saying all that, myself and my family demand from you a good compensation for the 2 nights we suffered at the property and the inconveniences that both parties has caused us, when this matter could have been resolved easily by supplying us enough heaters or immediately moving us to alternate accommodation.

On Sunday morning the owner called me apologising for the inconveniences caused to us and that she will speak to, she repeated this was their first property and that they are working on it. However myself and my family had to pay the price for this negligence by not inspecting and ensuring all facilities are available and in a good working condition for the guests prior to their arrival.

I demand now a full refund of the money I paid plus a good compensation from and the owner for ruining our stay in Sheffield, we came to relax and have a good time with our relatives, but it certainly turned out to be a disaster, I have had 4 hours sleep on Saturday morning @ 4:30, I have messages from the owner’s assistant to prove this.

Below we had issues with other things at the property as follows


In addition to the fault with the boiler we had no WIFI throughout our stay. The listing for this property states WiFi is available in all areas and free of charge, see image:

the owner advised on Thursday (13102022) that WIFI wont be available on Friday (the day we check in) but the Wi-Fi box will arrive on Saturday, the cleaner will set it up!! we came back to the property on Saturday evening but there was no sign of WIFI, I checked on Sunday the WiFi signals on my iPhone, and the only one appeared in the area was for the post office store nearby, see image:


There were no hangers cupboard hooks to hang our clothes in the bedroom on the upper floor, see video images


only 1 tea mug was available for the whole family, see image


No manual instructions left how to operate boiler heating, as I was told by the assistant there’s pre paid meter, see image


Rusty, dirty saucepans in the kitchen see images. Couldn’t use any.


Dirty iron, it ruined my blouse, you can see black mark!


There were no towel rack hanger for towels and clothes!!


There were two standing side lamps in the sitting room but had no bulbs. Did the owner expect us to bring bulbs with us or were they for show only.


The same property is listed twice on, I have advised of this but they are not taking notice or taking action, below are the names of which this accommodation listed under:

1- Spacious 3 Bedroom City Centre House.
2- 3 Bed Sheffield City Centre Apartment

Both listings have the same address:
12 Exeter Way, S3 7TQ, Sheffield

It occurred on: 2022-10-14

This meant that Myself, husband, my sister asthmatic and elderly parents 78 and 80 year old suffered from the cold property for 2 nights, I have been frustrated and still I am as I had less sleep due to the fact trying to find a solution. My sister was already unwell and staying in this cold property made it worst. My parents kept complaining about the cold rooms through out our stay! Property wasn’t as described, NO HEATING and NO WIFI

We would like full refund and compensation for this booking as it has caused us all a lot of inconvenience and stress! Our stay was ruined by trying to resolve this issue.

I look forward to your response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

P.s. I am unable to load up all images videos messages with the owner, I have record of all these.

Yours faithfully,

sawsan omer

Booking Reference 2354984104

2 Peregrine Court,
Lampton Avenue Hounslow
Tw3 4ay

Suggested solution:

We would like full refund and compensation for this booking as it has caused us all a lot of inconvenience and stress! Our stay was ruined by trying to resolve this issue.

Most importantly the property hasn’t provided service as described by providing heating WiFi to their guests.

Property not as described
Property not as described
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1 month ago - Disappointed with as they are still dealing with the property’s owner and ignoring their customers requests

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