complaint: Disabled woman robbed of family holiday…

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My complaint: ha e just robbed us of our family holiday… I’m a disabled woman and was too ill to go on the last family holiday we had booked with so my mum and the kids went without me … I ended up with wallet credits because I didn’t go so had £79 and realised in December that the credit ran out end of January so I booked a holiday for the kids for two nights in a caravan with a listing entitled 3 bed caravan with indoor pool etc etc …. after spending a couple of months or so looking forward to getting up and going to the pool in a morning I received an email from the host one week before the holiday stating that the pool may not be open and to check with the park . I called Park and was told this happens a lot through the private Bookings through…Needless to say , I wasn’t happy … I complained to the host and was told I could cancel and not be charged . He actually seemed keen for that to happen so as to avoid a bad review… I checked with that I would receive a full refund. I was told in an email that i would get full refund . I’ve received £75 and after going in circles trying to get to customer service to deal with this I called them today and they tell me that the wallet credit was refunded to wallet but they expired in January… I’m absolutely fuming…. I was waiting for those credits so could book another holiday for me and the kids as we just missed out on a holiday on birthday weekend for two of the children. I now have no idea how we will afford to go away this year . It was only a couple of nights but all we could afford and would have been really good because last year and the year before we didn’t get away together because I’ve been in amd out of hospital and unfit to travel etc … I’m so disgusted with what they’ve done . It’s sneaky . Underhanded and they lied… I have no idea how they can be made to be held accountable but I will be writing to the newspapers and as many bad reviews to warn people about this its absolutely disgraceful and shameful behaviour unless this is rectified….

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I want my credits back . I can't afford a family holiday now and the kids are devastated...

Disabled woman robbed of family holiday...
Disabled woman robbed of family holiday...
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