complaint: Booking didn’t get my money back

on 12 October 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I booked an apartment by using booking services to stay between 8th and 9th October 2022. I made the payment using my credit card. After driving about three hours, my wife and I arrived at the address of the apartment location given to me by However, when we arrived and called the owner of the apartment, he shouted at me and hung up the phone on me, blocked my phone and we were never able to communicate with the person thereafter. The owner cancelled the reservation for no reason and didn’t refund the money. At first, the owner of the house didn’t come to the address that is given to me by, second the person is lying about everything and booking only listens to him and believes him. doesn’t listens to the customer.

As a result, my wife and I lost almost a day to look for another place to stay for our short 3 days vacation. We not only wasted time and money, we also suffered because of the humiliation and insults. We need to be compensated by this bad experience caused by and the owner of the apartment. This is not humane. If you ( put yourself in my shoes, I wonder how you would feel about this?

The name of the place which I booked is Apartment place italy Rabat in This place ripped me off just two days ago. I think that the owner of this place keeps repeating this to steal money from innocent people. must refund my money. After all, I booked the place through because I trusted, not the owner of the apartment. The is responsible for the rip off! Please apologize from me and from my wife and REFUND MY MONEY!
Reservation details:
Détails de la réservation

Nom du client :
Onur Ozsoy

Arrivée :
sam 8 oct. 2022

Départ :
lun 10 oct. 2022

Nom de l’établissement:
Apartment place italie

Numéro de réservation:

Suggested solution:

They can refund my money and apologize from me and from my wife.

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