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on 30 August 2021 about Booker Wholesale in category Wholesaler

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As a member of staff i witnessed yet a further example of intimidation and bullying by management at Bookers Wholesale Bristol.
The cleaner , a really nice guy who i got to know well was being shouted at and verbally abused by Sharon (Duty Manager) because he put blue roll on spillage on warehouse floor instead of using a mop first.
This intimidation and abuse went on in front of customers and staff including myself for about 10 minutes and Ryan (Store Manager) came out of his office and stared at cleaner for a good 2 minutes to try and intimidate the cleaner.
What i witnessed was disgusting and if as a manager you are going to discuss cleaning methods invite cleaner into office and talk to him with respect.
The following day the cleaner was intimidated and bullied again by Sharon(Duty Manager) and made to resign.
Yet another example of bullying and intimidation that happened recently.

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Suggested solution:

The cleaner was a good man with 3 jobs and had recently got married.

An apology to the cleaner and his job back.

When the cleaner was made to leave i heard Sharon (Duty Manager) say I DIDNT LIKE HIM ANYWAY.

So no chance of the cleaner being re-employed then !

Staff at Bookers Wholesale live in fear of losing there jobs .They find other work to do like sweeping the floor when not busy even if floor is clean just to look as if they are doing something.

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