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Web Site

Complaint from on 29 April 2021 about Booker Wholesale in category Wholesaler

from Monday this week I have not been able to log into the Booker website, considering that they are a multi million pound operation it is very poor indeed, I have contacted them at local level and head office to... Read more

Manager bullying

Complaint from on 03 April 2021 about Booker Wholesale in category Wholesaler

I visited the store today . And the manager i think it is . Approached me in an aggresive manor challeging me if i had a mask i said i was exempt and she said lets see your card then... Read more


Complaint from on 25 January 2021 about Booker Wholesale in category Wholesaler

Dear sirmaam I have bought mild coloured cheese multiple times and it came to my shop it started to mold 3 to 4 days after i bought it Many times please sort out Read more