complaint: Release of MY WALLET with Blockchain

Complaint from AITABIR reported on 31 July 2023 about

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My complaint:

Blockchain refusing to releasing after all fees as requested by Blockchain representatives promising of release of MY WALLET after transfer of fees is made. Total funds transferred approx. S$15,000.00 in various stages with 4-5 different Blockchain reprentatatives doing the disappearing act when funds transferred.
Till now no one from Blockchain officials has ddcrncy or has any effort to make contact with me. It seems that Blockchain has totally kept me out of the scene. Efforts was made to the SUPPORT OR HELP DESK via email. No reply since last Friday from the Suppprt Team or the Help Desk.
Am I been SCAMMED. As notified by Block representatives that MY WALLET by has a approx. value of S$240K
Please yoirr comment on this.

Suggested solution:

As per agrrrment when fees were transferred, immediately.

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