complaint: Complete disregard for complaints about blocked money

on 31 August 2022 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

Since I have already described the situation countless times and do not want to describe it in detail once again, I am posting a summary.
A few weeks ago I ordered a transfer (bitcoin) on the portal. Since the transfer had an In Review status for a strangely long time, via chat I asked for an explanation. I was informed that the matter was forwarded to the appropriate department.
This had no effect. Since then, I have directed emails of complaint many times, alternating with reports via chat.
Each time I received idiotic responses about registering a complaint and dealing with my problem immediately.
The situation after several weeks is this – I do not have my money, because it is stuck as a transfer in rewiev, I have no knowledge of what happened and when I can expect to get my money back. The transfer itself is long gone.
For my part, it looks like an absolute scandal. Combined with the lack of a clear explanation (any!) looks like a company that is not only incompetent, but brazen and fraudulen.

Suggested solution:

I expect an immediate refund of the money blocked in the transfer and, of course, the cancellation of the transfer itself, since it has long since become obsolete.

Complete disregard for complaints about blocked money
Complete disregard for complaints about blocked money
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