BitStarz complaint: Forfeited of $20,000 in btc

Complaint from KINGGAIGE reported on 06 August 2023 about BitStarz

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My complaint:

I first had bitstarz close all of my old accounts to make sure I didn’t have any other accounts. Everything was fine no huge wins like $20k. But A $1000 here and there with zero problems…

I lost my phone and ended up having to get a new one and lost my out email. So like any player that knows the rules you can’t have more than one account.. So I got ahold of support knowing I was going to lose my level status and ask the to delete my account because I’ve lost access to email but still could sign in to bitstarz i just couldn’t cash out..

That I had them delete the account and I started a new one Under another email where I won .7869519 btc… and as soon as I went to withdrawal they popped off with we have a forfeited all your winnings and since you back what you have deposited which was like 1400 and that’s being generous, but they stole 20,000 of my winnings saying that I had multiple accounts which I had them delete those and proof was in  had not one withdraw problem so I told him I had you guys delete that account and they popped off with no you had a account with once another account which that account has been hacked and taken from me years ago.

that’s about two years ago someone that’s my family hacked in my account and that was deleted prior the first email .. Bitstarz knows there in the wrong and the truth is they can’t pay..

Suggested solution:

Pay me the winnings of .7869519 btc - the .045 btc that I deposited and stop lying.. Bitstarz knows I had them deleted all accounts prior to making which past the kC security identity verification and had zero withdrawals problems!!!

But then when they I hit a big win !! They start making up lies about IP addresses which they’re lying about because this phone has never been linked to Clint Gaige because I lost that account long time ago and on top of it they had all accounts deleted prior. This is 100% theft..

Forfeited of $20,000 in btc
Forfeited of $20,000 in btc
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Message from Bizzy from

1 month ago - Complaint is solved by BitStarz

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johnny cage
johnny cage (@guest_7263)
2 months ago

yeah bitstarz is bullshit just a week before that they had players on withdraw hold that lasted a week before getting paid,,,! pay up bitstarz!!