BitPay complaint: Uned Bitcoin

Complaint from EvansMissy29 reported on 04 March 2024 about BitPay

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My complaint:

On 01/21/24 a Bitcoin deposit was reversed from CAShApp and had been uned up until 02/04/24 it fully ed in the amount of $114.52 on 02/04/24 I was only able to transfer out roughly around $55 and the remaining balance is still in my wallet claiming to be uned when it’s clearly not. Today I had received a fully ed deposit for $50 and for some odd reason was only able to transfer $25 and once again the remaining balance is stuck I have $90.72 in my wallet that I don’t have access to as it’s claiming to be uned I want my funds ASAP

Suggested solution:


BitPay complaint Uned Bitcoin
BitPay complaint Uned Bitcoin
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