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Complaint from Bazalbub reported on 31 October 2023 about BIG Games

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My complaint:

Hello, my name is Milan and I can’t turn on pet simulator x. It says – You were kicked from this experience-Please rejoin.Error Code-267. But it said – You have been banned from this experience. Please connect again. ERROR CODE 267. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never stolen or cheated anyone. I’m 50 years old and I played pet simulator x for fun with my 7 year old daughter. Now I feel like some kind of thief and cheater and I’m not. When reading the comment about error 267 I read a lot of stories of unhappy people and they are mostly children. Could it be that on 9/18/2023 my Roblox account was hacked and they stole my robux and played games? Roblox helped me and returned my robux. I don’t know who to write to tell me if I did it because I didn’t cheat. I can’t post to BIG Games on Discord because I’m BANNED there because of it. Please help me very much. Thank you. Roblox nick- Bazalbub

Suggested solution:

For BIG Games to start communicating with me and turn on pet simulator x for me because I didn't steal from anyone, I didn't cheat and I didn't use any cheats.

pet simulator x
pet simulator x
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