BetterMe complaint: No customer service and can’t get a refund

Complaint from amyrussell225 reported on 19 November 2023 about BetterMe

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My complaint:

I came across the ad for betterme mental health app. They advertised for a free trial to try it out and if u didn’t cancel during that trial, then when it was over youre card would be charged. However what happened was as soon as I signed up they took money out of my account. I emailed their so called support right away. They asked me to provide some info to show that it had been purchased thru the apple subscription ation along with my card number, which I did and I can’t get a response from a real person at all. This has gone on for days and days with no reply from them. I am over it. I need my money back and they know they r wrong for taking it out of my account. I haven’t even gotten on the app one single time bc they pissed me off so bad. I canceled the subscription that I didn’t agree to, emailed them and basically gave them the info they needed. The absolute worst customer service and in fact I’m just gonna say that betterme is a complete freaking scam. Oh and they have no contact information at all except for that lame ass email address that’s supposed to be “support”. Complete bullshit!!

Suggested solution:

Return the money that they basically stole out of my account.

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