Bell Canada complaint: Installation nightmare

on 24 May 2023 about Bell Canada in category Telecom

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My complaint:

I ordered a Telephone, Fibe TV and Internet bundle to be installed an my mother-in-laws long term care home. As I explained to everyone I spoke to, she is 86, has dementia and relies on the phone to call her daughter, and the TV for entertainment.

May 19th… install to be done by Gang (Otto) between noon and 5:00 PM… contact is my cell
Order is BDZDRB9S
Arrived at approx 1:00… by 3:30 not complete and did not know why… jack in the room does not terminate at the equipment room.
He called for help, who arrived at approx 4:00 PM
5:00.. could not resolve… need Riser guy to resolve. It took 4 hours to decide that a riser guy is needed??? Had he escalated it earlier we might not be in this situation
Otto said he would come back and tell us when the riser guy would be out… didn’t come back… sent me a text saying the riser guy would be out on the 22nd… no time frame
Called 24/7 Internet technical support…1 866 797-8686…
Asked for PIN for Shirley’s … never set one up???
spoke to Albi…
They subcontract Riser work to another company… earliest is Monday
Told her that waiting until Monday was not acceptable… asked to speak with her Manager… after 28 minutes at 6:31, I told her to have the escalation dept supervisor call me back… said it would be within 30 minutes… they called back at 7:00 …
spoke to Siad… case manager… on for 25 minutes
Suggested that they run temporary wire… not likely in an LTC home
He called the Riser company to escalate… no answer… nothing he can do
7:25… he said he will have a Manager call me… never called back

May 20th… called at 9:10 AM… spoke to Rae.
Want to ensure that the Riser team coordinates with the Bell technician to get the installation completed on Monday.
Riser team will be there on Monday May 22nd between 8-5… will call my cell 30 minutes prior
Riser team will contact the Bell dispatcher to complete the installation… depending when he arrives and the time it takes to resolve, it could be Tuesday before the Bell Technician arrives!!!!
Transferred me to a supervisor…-
spoke to Nassim…
Re the Manager not calling me back on May 189th, escalation can take 24-48 hours… I may get another call on this? It’s a long weekend!!!
After the Riser team completes their work, it could take from 24-48 hours before the Bell Technician is dispatched… could be Tuesday or Wednesay!!
No escalation possible… not even the President of Bell could make this happen. He has been working with Bell for 10 years and thinks this is entirely acceptable.
I told him that subcontracting Riser work does not absolve Bell from their responsibility to deliver service.
Will call me back with any updates….no call back.
I asked who do I call to file a complaint… he told me to look on the website.

May 22nd… Riser work was completed. Installation of Bell services not completed… no phone, TV or Internet

May 24th aAs of 9:15 AM, the Bell Services Installation has still not been completed.
This is possibly the worst case of customer service I have ever encountered. Based on this experience, I do not have any confidence that the Bell Management Team will contact me, and will certainly never recommend Bell to anyone. Sadly, the current telecommunications monopoly situation leaves the public with very few options and that is reflected in the level of service provided.

Suggested solution:

They should complete the Installation, not charge the account until it has been cometed amd provide a credit for the time and frustration we experienced

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