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Statistics of Badoo in the category Dating

7 complaints last year
1.4 /10
10 ratings

Complaints overview

money back

Complaint from on 23 November 2021 about Badoo in category Dating

My name is Gabriela Snizkova. Email: [email protected] I had Badoo from October 2020. April 2021 I closed account. Badoo take money from my account £18.99 still from March 2021 until now. I contacted Apple, they told me contact to Badoo.... Read more

Badoo blocked my account permanently

Complaint from on 22 September 2021 about Badoo in category Dating

Badoo has wrongfully blocked my account permanently. They accuse me of violating their terms even though I am aware not.I have been a victim of harassment, character assassination and discrimination. I was their client for many years paying a whole... Read more

Locked out of the app

Complaint from on 03 August 2021 about Badoo in category Dating

I recently locked myself out of the badoo app,with no way of getting back on without resubscribing.. this seems ridiculous “ I’m now wanting to unsubscribe” there’s no way of doing that either.. needless today I’m really not happy... Read more