Asda complaint: No mobility scooter working for 6 weeks

Complaint from Gary hearne reported on 08 March 2024 about Asda

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My complaint:

I had 4xspine operations I now have blood clots in my 2x lungs I’m 54 yr old male. Spoke to the store manager on 3 occasions about the 2 disability scooters are broke he is not looking out for the blue badge disabled customers I’ve been doing my shopping at asda sutton store for well over 28 yrs I have difficulty walking I cannot walk alot so I depend them scooters and as disabled people have got rights as well and they do nothing I sore store manger today the boss and told 6 bloody 6 weeks and you still have fixed then them cos I pointed at him he tried going down the frienting route but I made it clear I was in he space.

Alas I got was a jumped up that telling me sorry like it means nothing when I was talking he blanked me why I was having a conversation with him he turned to he’s staff and was being rude I’m sick of asda store sutton I mad sure one morning that I was the first person in queue so when I sore disability scooters I jumped on them and again they still not fixed.

I phoned asda complaints switchboard goes to India and they transfer you to sutton store for customer service to talk to me I was accused of lieing as they said we don’t have complaints switchboard in India even tho I told them the number I spoken to the India sutton asda store manager all he say is sorry won’t get disability scooters fixed I’ve been crippling today walking on sticks in pain and he looks at people like I’m shit on he’s feet no good will offer nothing he’s very arrogant he’s is Indian has red dot on he forhead when you see him make more complaints about no scooters end of this week will be 7 weeks because he wasn’t well mannered being store manager very rude turns away why you talk to him and because I’m sick of being disabled with stores not looking after the customers.

I gonna tell watchdog and Wright into them about my rights as he is not giving to Bob about us never others to push my trolly at all he’s name is asda at sutton store he’s indian he’s name maresh or similar to that name please back me up and take photos of this page and upload or join me and I’m willing to have a demonstration at sutton asda with other disabled people please do one of the two I’ve asked for because we do have rights and we can sue them if we do it the right way I need more people dan just me.

Suggested solution:

Get the mobility scooters fixed. And give me food vouchers for my time and a customer

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