Asda complaint: Delivery order

Complaint from Goodfield reported on 20 September 2023 about Asda

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My complaint:

After a recent delivery, I rang your customer services to make a complaint and it still hasn’t been dealt with I asked it to be accelerated to a manager.

I had a grocery delivery during a very hot day. I was the last to be delivered and it left the shop many hours before.

The mutton vurry had leaked so had uncooked chicken. I believe this was because the packing had been damaged where expanded as so hot then split. The icecream was slush. This damaged nearly all my fresh food and my porch carpet. I stressed how unhappy I was yet nobody could be bothered to return my complaint.

I don’t really use twitter but jave tried there aswell so please send Asda me an email. My order number was 8162338001298

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