ARCO Gas Stations complaint: Threatening and rude

Complaint from Bruce Arpin reported on 09 March 2024 about ARCO Gas Stations

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My complaint:

I put the money on the counter and he looked at me like he wanted to fight and said what the hello is wrong with u I had my hand out,and he continued to say that I’m disrespectful,,I always put my money on the counter so I don’t have to touch someone’s hand for vivid reasons, he was very disrespectful.

I couldn’t believe it,treating a customer like that is unexceptable,it was at exactly 3pm weds,I would never have a person like that work for me,that’s a fact,I won’t even go there anymore, u lost business because of that guy.

Suggested solution:

Call me and figure it out, i want him fired.

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