ARCO Gas Stations complaint: Harassment

on 28 May 2020 about ARCO Gas Stations in category Gas Stations

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My complaint:

I am a healthcare worker risking my life to care for COVID patients. After a long shift I stopped for gas and realized I left my wallet at work. I only had a pre paid card on me with $2.00. I expressed to the the tenant my situation on funds and if they charged a fee then the total couldn’t exceed $2 (note: it isn’t mandatory to charge a fee especially when using debit which is like cash) he proceeded to make the sale price $2 plus the fees (which I couldn’t afford) he then gets upset at me because I repeated, “I only have two dollars on this card” and asked me to leave his store , calling me a fat ass and to go back to the hotel I live in, follows me out of the store and continues to harass me.

Suggested solution:

I believe a very, very, strong warning of some sort should be sent to that store owner regarding their behavior towards customers who may not have a lot of money. You don’t call the customer names. In any work environment we have to hold our tongues sometimes and they should be told just that.

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