AliExpress complaint: Waiting for refund since August 10th

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My complaint:

In August 5th, before ordering a power station (large battery) via AliExpress I have contacted the selling company and ask them if they can shipped to Cyprus, since is battery and is not easy to ship large batteries via air mail (since Cyprus is an island). I got twice the ation in written that seller can ship to Cyprus. After my order and after waiting for 5 days seller told me that can’t shipped to Cyprus and to ask for refund. Something i did. In Ali Express web site they claim refund will happen in 20 days max and it is almost two months now and i only got emails to wait. Today i got another email from Ali Express to wait for 7-14 days because they do have a technical problem. I have opened several tickets with them and simply they never solve the problem, just sending me emails to wait and thank you for buying with us. I have the emails and all documentation to support my case.

I am at your disposal if you additionally need more documentation on this case.

Bellow is a ticket chat back in August (check the case ID reported)

The order has been closed, please sign into My Orders, click View Detail for detail information.
If you have paid for this order, please take easy that the refund will be returned to the original payment channel within 3-20 business days. Please pay attention to your account.

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Customer Service Agent
Hi! This is John from AliExpress Customer Service Team.
Hi John
Hello there.
How are you today?
May I know your name please?
i spoke earlier with another colleque of you
regarding 8153235214361144
Nice meeting you!
What happen on this order?
Upon checking on it.
i have asked for refund
I understand that this is concerning for you but nothing to worry about I will help you with this one.
This order is closed already.
you told me you have refund on 99
9 August sorry
Did you contact your bank on this?
they have no idea about this refund
Let me check this one.
there is nothing pending in my bank
I see hold on.
it has been over 1 month pending
I will ask my team here.
if there is a bank transfer i need a bank document to prove that so my bank to check it further
I will going to escalate your case.
thank you
May I know your email?
[email protected]
Please give me a moment I will file it and provide you the case ID.
thank you
I should be the one who say Thank you for letting me assisting a valued customer like you.
Nothing to worry about, we will keep our eyes and we will take care of this case for you here. We will make sure that this case will be properly handled for you.
I wish I was able to satisfy and resolved your concern for today. I made sure that every proper means of resolving this concern has been implemented.
i need though a case solved since i have spent too much time on it and I never get a clear answer
Here’s your case ID: 2503800357273761.
Please wait within 24 – 48 hours or maximum of 3 – 5 working days.
Doesnt help the bank
Since I already submitted your case to our team we found out that the refund was not process successfully.
So I will submit it to my team to fix that one as soon as possible for you to get your refund okay?
okay. will you email me to give me a formal update?
Yes, you will get an email from us.
About you refund.
so you say something was wrong on your site and is not my bank’s fauly
Since I saw here in our system that refund was not process successfully to your bank.
ok thank you
I do apologize for the delay.
So we will take care of it as soon as possible for you.
Rest assured that we will surely take care of this for you so you won’t have to chat us back from time to time. There is nothing to worry, I guarantee that you will be updated on this via email.
Thank you for your trust and patience. I can assure you that you will not regret this.
but why 4 times i have asked on this refund i was getting other answers?
anw i will wait and hope you will keep your promise this time
What they told you about? Since when I checked your refund here the refund was not triggered to your bank successfully that is why we need to resubmit this one to the payment team to process it again.
I will assure you this time.
Since I already escalated it to my team.
They will take care of it for you.
ok you have been the first giving me a reasonable answer

ok thank you sir
I appreciate that one.
Thank you!
I wish I was able to satisfy your concern for today. I made sure that every proper means of resolving this concern has been implemented.
i will save our chat. You should have an option to forward to my email
You can save the case ID I sent to you.
Everything is documented on that so you can follow up it when you reach out here.
this ID is just your internal reference and is not valid outside your organisation
if i could have the chat on my email is something valid outside your organisation too
You can take a screenshot of our conversation since I do not have any way to transfer our chat here.
ok i will is just a point i mention as an IT person working in a legal company
and been a many years customer to you
anw thanks for your help
I will wait for case to be solved
Thank you for your kind understanding.
I appreciate it.
Have a good day
No worries I cannot lie to you. Since I will be terminated If I do that one.
Since our chat is recorded and they are monitoring it.
i trust you
Thank you for your trust.
but i dont trust 3 previous people i have discussed on this and gave me wrong and misleading answers
have a good day.
I see I do apologize for that.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
lets hope case will be solved

Suggested solution:

They reply to tickets but they don\'t refund the amount that I was advised by seller to proceed with refund because he couldn\'t ship, but initially advised that can ship to me.
I just need my refund since seller never shipped my order and cheated by ing he will ship to me my order.

Waiting for refund since August 10th
Waiting for refund since August 10th
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