Aldi complaint: Staff extremely rude and bad behaviour

Complaint from Laura wotherspoon reported on 26 June 2023 about Aldi

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My complaint:

Me and my partner was at the tills and a man started saying wait there til I say so and my partner was just trying to find a free till to make a payment for the shopping we had in our basket
He became intensively rude and quite loud and would not drop it
He came very to me and my partner and did not stop being up in our space
I had to put rms up raise to my side in between my partner and the staff worker
I asked him a number of time to go away and leave us alone as we was packing our shopping in to a bag
He would not do this
I then had to raise my voice a number of times
He did not do as I asked
So I asked other members of staff to get the manager to come and sort this out as I was not leaving the store until they did so
A deputy manager came
I then explained what happened
And at this time my partner was upset and shaken as we both was
He waited outside the store so I could talk with the deputy manager
And as the manager came down my partner said don’t bother it’s one of there own meaning staff and believing that because they all work together nobody would do anything about what has just happened
But the man started shouting
His racist
Well that certainly wasn’t the case
So this staff man has now made us to look like racists
We are completely thrown by this and would like to get you and your company to collect the evidence of this situation
Be fore it has been wiped as we will be taken thing further
Please could someone contact me as we are extremely destress

Suggested solution:

Well maybe we are not the only people who have been verbally attack by this man
I will never step foot in any of your stores from now on
I don’t know what can be done by your company
Maybe contact me and see what options there are

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Fleur (@guest_6997)
10 months ago

Did you get a response? I had an issue in my local store yesterday.
I’m not getting an appropriate response.