Aldi complaint: Mark an female worker Aldi’s shepparton

Complaint from Suzie mcintosh reported on 01 June 2023 about Aldi

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My complaint:

I was shopping and felt a bit faint and dizzy so I opened up a box of favourites and had about 3 chocolates out of the box which I was planning to buy I go to the checkout as I had to get more money from a friend outside an I told the worker who was tall female and she went off her ugly head then mark the other worker did the same I explained I did not have a criminal record and I was going to buy the chocolates they yelled an abused me in front of all the costomersand mark said he hopes I die he yelled it I’m going to take. Legal action I’m disgusted at these 2 worker form

Suggested solution:

Apologise for starters and pay for my shrink

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