agoda complaint: Website error regarding Pay later option

Complaint from Becky Boo reported on 05 February 2024 about agoda

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My complaint:

I wanted to book a holiday for this Christmas and wanted a particular hotel that is really popular. I decided if I could get a pay later option, I would book now to avoid missing out on this hotel. This way I could save during the year and pay it off by the cutoff date which was November. I specifically made a point of double checking that I had selected the pay later option before entering my bank card details. The price that I was originally quoted had went up and I thought well that is due to the fact I selected pay later. I then got my ation email, and it said paid in full and the cancellation policy is partial refund being 50%.

I could not believe it. I rang them straight away and the women on the other end of the line was really nice and advised me on how to go onto my Agoda page and select waiver fee. I was very worked up and she assured me that they would explain to the hotel and hopefully I would get a refund. I explained that I did not have the money right now and that this was putting me in a difficult situation money wise as it was for $2,500. I then emailed and rang the Hotel and they explained that they couldn’t make any changes as it was down to Agoda. I then rang them back and was told again not to worry this time we will get you a refund try not to stress. I received an email today saying it was declined that the third party had refused the refund, no other explanation nothing.

I rang again today, and they tried to fob me off with the same reasoning and we were just going round in circles. I told them I have a picture of the screen with the pay later option ticked. I have today forwarded this to them, but I have no faith that they will honour the refund. They have not taken into consideration the timeline of my first call after the booking was made. I would understand if it was weeks or months after the booking and I was trying my luck to get a refund. This is their mistake they have a glitch on their booking site. I am so stressed out about my financial commitments this month and what was once going to be a holiday of a lifetime has turned into a nightmare.

Suggested solution:

I would like a full refund of the money they have stolen from me.

Website error regarding Pay later option
Website error regarding Pay later option
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