agoda complaint: Agoda customer service is bad and not honest

Complaint from vicor reported on 24 April 2024 about agoda

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My complaint:

It is my first booking on the Agoda on April 20, 2024. The booking ID is ID1211545700. While I was walking near the hotel that afternoon, I wanted to book a room and stay there overnight. It is supposed that the default date should be the same day (April 20). Right after my payment (successfully finished the booking), I found it showed the check-in date is the next date (April 21). Then I immediately tried to revise the date back to April 20 but failed. I then contacted customer service, after a long time (so many many backs and forth with the automatic service) they finally had some real person to look at my case. But they said they could do nothing other than wait 24-48 hours. I have asked them to cancel the booking and call the hotel to refund. Because the case just happened a few minutes ago. They refused to do more. They said their procedure/time frame is to wait for the Hotel to respond within 24-48 hours ( what a ridiculous excuse!). On April 24,I spoke to them again (of course a lot of back and forth within the platform with the automatic app service too), and they said they have to wait for the hotel’s response (in unlimited time) or they will do nothing. I don’t agree with them. I asked them where or whom I could complain to, they said no. I feel hopeless and cheated by the Agoda. It is a sad experience!

Suggested solution:

refund me and amend their procedure. This kind of service is not good during these days. It is the 21st Century now, and the digital world.

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