Afterpay complaint: Punishment for Loyal Customer

Complaint from Kathleenroullier3 reported on 27 October 2023 about Afterpay

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My complaint:

I have been a loyal customer of Afterpay for over 2 years. I have never once been late or missed a payment, in fact I pay most account orders off weeks earlier than they are due. I have consistently had over 20 active orders at one time every month, always paying off early. They have raised my credit limit to $1500. I never have used more than $400 all together at once. My issue is, I went to place an order Sunday and was told it was declined until I pay off 6 of my remaining 15 active accounts. I have 27 active accounts last month and had just paid off all but 15. I have never had this happen before so I emailed customer support and was told they show no declined orders and my credit available was over $1000. The order I was trying to place was $30. Since the first answer I have been run in circles with different answers but cannot get a phone call I was promised.Can you help? It’s Christmas time and I am elderly and on a fixed income and need to use Afterpay for my shopping.

Suggested solution:

Allie me to place my orders as usual. As I have been for 2 yrs. Why are they restricting me now for being a good customer and never missing a payment?

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