Complaint: billed for a service I never received messed up bank account and credit

on 28 February 2022 about ADT in category Security

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My complaint:

stated signed up in June. stated need a permit with the city in order for the system to register and be signed up correctly. Permit was never received by the city, and Blue ADT was charging $39 monthly for a service they were not monitoring. I contacted Blue by ADT to have the services terminated and to send their equipment back due to having a burglary issue with missing items in my house, and the house was never being monitored. I called Sept 13th to cancel due to me paying for services I was not receiving. Contacted Blue by ADT to check and see why my checking account in overdraft was, due monthly deduction still coming out from Blue by ADT. My checking account closed out and was sent to collections. Contacted Blue by ADT 0228, new representative stated representative on sept 13 2021, sent complaint up to the management who did not cancel the account because they stated there was a contract signed. Even though technically they breached the contract when I was paying for services that I was not receiving. The representative also stated there was a couple of contacts that went out in June 2021, however they continued to deduct money from my account regardless. I don’t understand how this could even happen or how this is even legal. My credit card payments were being reversed back due to Blue by ADT deducting money, causing my credit card payments to go delinquentreverse and show up as past due balances as well on my credit report. This whole entire situation is a mess, and the only person suffering is me the person who was paying, screwed over, and life is messed up because my credit score dropped over 60 points after I had worked so hard to get everything on track. The even crazier part is I currently have ADT services, and I moved from the address Blue by ADT was supposed to be servicing immediately after my incident happened in September! It sucks that these major corporate companies will play on consumers even during a pandemic.

Suggested solution:

They should go back and reimburse all payments. They should be responsible for all of these overdraft fees I received from the bank and should contact the credit bureaus so that I won't be at fault

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