Complaint: Vanguard update problems

on 21 February 2022 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

So I updated when season 2 dropped and it took over 24 hours to download. Now it seems every couple days it has another 1gb update considering I’m doing the third update in 6 days and have able to play maybe 2-3 hours in the last 6 days because of constant updates. I have 8mb internet because no matter how much I’ve tried no isp would run better lines to my house even though I have fiber optic hospital internet lines under my mailbox. The game is unplayable either by poor updates or constantly updating to yield little improvements. The internet isn’t activision’s fault but it and the constant updates makes the game even more of a waste of money and the sad thing is I live in a fairly well populated area that has a global hub using a lot of fiber optic communication lines

Suggested solution:

Play test all updates with people who mod, glitch, or got caught hacking so they find the issues with the updates before they are released so the constant fixing a “fix” isn’t needed. Allow players to play local games without updates

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