Activision complaint: false ban

on 17 July 2022 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

i have been playing warzone scince launch. im not very good at the game but enjoyed playing with the friends i meet online .ive recently been banned .my kd in game has never reached over .88 but i was still accused of cheating . never got a email about the ban i had to sign in and find out .i appeled it and basicly was told that it was my account so if it was hackede its still my fault all i can say is i feel i have been robbed i pre bought the new modern warfare but ive been banned i want all my money back .

in closing ive been cheated and robbed if this cant be handled peacefully i will bring lawyers in this im an
m not a cheateer .and u are wrong

Suggested solution:

they had to hack my ip address

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