Activision complaint: Enforcement

on 13 September 2023 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Victim of unfair enforcement as my account is currently under temporary investigation for reasons unknown for the 3rd time in 2 months.
the suspension has lasted 7-10 days twice previously and once lifted I have not received any information as to why I have been temporarily banned or how what and how to eliminate whatever it is I am doing to prevent the issue in the future. I have spent a core amount of money on the game and in game purchases and I am very dissatisfied with how that company deals with their customers. there is next to no direct contact with the company if a customer has an issue that needs resolved.

Suggested solution:

inform me of my wrong doing or on what basis am I being penalised, do whatever it is they have to to fix this issue as there are thousands of other players experiencing the same issue.

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