Activision complaint: Dmz

Complaint from Jackel6974 reported on 28 December 2022 about Activision

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My complaint:

These dev errors and just randomly getting kicked out of dmz is ridiculous. If we do not die and we get kicked we should not lose everything. Thanks to dmz I will not buy mw2 I deleted everything from my system and I will not play it again. 3 times today I got 1 dev error and 2 just straight up kicked me out the game..I worked hard to get my stuff only to lose it to bullshit reasons. I honestly don’t care if you fix it r not. I will not do anything related to Activision. Not cod not anything.

Suggested solution:

They can't they have had to many chances

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sour on cod
sour on cod (@guest_5993)
1 year ago

dmz glitches of getting kicked is beyond expectable anymore , for a multi million pound game development this is NOT ACCETABLE to be released to the public , to got thru such a grind for loot to be total striped of it for no reason or fault of your own is not on at all . ,,,,,?????????????? wont be back on cod anymore an have been a 20 years player of the franchise , just years of over priced games with no match up to what devs have said they will be like total waste of time , time for… Read more »

Brandon (@guest_6473)
1 year ago

DMZ keeps kicking me out just when I’m about to finish, it glitches so badly that this is unplayable! I’m disappointed in this new update. Sort your things out!

Lockdown91 (@guest_7343)
8 months ago

what is a dev error ?