Ace Hardware complaint: Blaming good honest people for theft

Complaint from Loristeven reported on 15 January 2024 about Ace Hardware

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My complaint:

Made two purchases with receipts, and they embarrassed me saying I was a thief because I had just got up and my husband needed things for the remodel that were doing, they said I looked nasty and that’s why I was stealing, after I showed them receipts and let them search my car, they started changing their tune, they have done this to numerous people in this town, I understand there are bad people, but they can’t be allowed to publicly hurt people and make accusations that are not true, I asked to look at the cameras and they locked the customers inside, and me outside and started yelling at me, then they got their proof, this place needs held accountable

Suggested solution:

I want them to feel the way they make hundreds feel, every year they have massive misunderstandings, it can't go on, I'm worried about the future good people getting the same treatment

Ace Hardware complaint Blaming good honest people for theft
Ace Hardware complaint Blaming good honest people for theft
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