Yukon Gold Casino complaint: Disputing my payments

Complaint from Kassandra waldron reported on 18 February 2024 about Yukon Gold Casino

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My complaint:

I owed a 100 dollars for the last three months however I paid you 2 or 3 months ago and my bank let you take my money out I have the statements to prove it. U have taken now 4 deposits from me costing me over 75 dollars and still say I owe you money. I am a single mom I get that you’re trying to make money but by ripping your customers off every time they deposit and then telling me I still owe you a hundred dollars I want this rectified.

Suggested solution:

I have paid you all the money I owed you and as you can see it went through my account.

Yukon Gold Casino complaint Disputing my payments
Yukon Gold Casino complaint Disputing my payments
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