Yahoo complaint: email address sabotage and dishonesty

Complaint from reported on 14 March 2024 about Yahoo

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My complaint:

I have a yahoo account for the longest time and one notice the pattern of dishonesty and exploits. They use people private data for gains to advertisers and deliberately flood your inbox with junk mail. if you delete these junk on a regular basis they flood it even more think that you are busy on their site when they are only providing an annoying service they claim is free.

Now that the advertisers and thieves require mobile phone number with email address before they purchase the yahoo is forcing people to provide phone number and alternative email address as a recovery option. One do not use two email so a recovery email is puzzling and a disturbance. Secondly, one is not a regular user of mobile phone and do not want to share the phone number with yahoo (their behaviour is that of a thief and an instigator of dishonesty) so they have being pestering all these times over months into years and now as of Friday, 8 March 2024 they basically lock one out of the account with all the files one had stored on the system. One only need to retrieve the files and stop using the yahoo service. One will get a new email address once the file recovered and notify the few business places of the change of details. it is a direct form of stealing and this should be stopped.

Please, assists to get yahoo to stop blocking this ***** that was forced to change the password on Friday, 8 March, 2024 and since cannot get in and being pestered for a recovery email but it does not exist one was forced to make up a dummy name of an email service provider that did not exists that the stupid automated system did not detect to just change the password and get access to the emails. One thought it was over but they are deceivers, so they act as if the password not recognised so they need to send a code to the recovery email address, but that is a lie they just want to test the link because they are thieves and their dishonest is playing out. Therefore, one cannot access the email account because of yahoo dishonest to gain off people and put people in risky situation by disclosing too many things that is totally unnecessary.

Suggested solution:

They need to stop pestering one for an recovery email or for any mobile phone number. Open the email account because they are deliberately saying they do not recognise the password. If that is the case revert it to the old password, so that one can access the files and in a few days stop using their service - they are all dishonest companies and it is the governments fault to allow these people to be dishonesty businesses.

In summary, should not have to waste time trying to get to yahoo complaint line, which is none existent, and to access the email username ****, 7 characters was the password length and one just added a character so now it is 8 the same password with one character added at the end (their stupid system did not even say the password is almost identical.)

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