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Complaint from barryh6191 reported on 13 January 2024 about Yahoo

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My complaint:

I will spend much time researching things, mainly using govt. websites or other sites, not news sites. I will write a comment and yahoo will not post it because it doesn’t meet community standards and send a link. When I read the standards my comment does indeed meet the standards, it just doesn’t meet their political views. Other times I read comments from others that go way past their community standards yet they aren’t blocked. Many times I see name calling, untrue statements and actual links to articles to clarify a comment, but I can leave a link to a very safe site such as the U.S. congress site showing a bill and they will block it. At the same time I never receive anything that tells me what it is wrong that it is blocked. If they are going to block my comment, tell me why and give me a base to protest, which they don’t. The only thing they do is out right censorship.

Suggested solution:

As I said, if they say a comment is not in their standards, tell us why and give us a base to protest the ruling.

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