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I was shopping online while hoovering over my shopping cart in order to proofread my order, edit or add additional items at 2 separate times. The Wish system illegally Placed My Order, did NOT go to PayPal page providing me the opportunity to choose which Bank Card I wished to use to place an order IF i INDEED wanted to place an order of which in each case of Dec. 27th Dec 28th I was NOT ready to place the orders. Wish ILLEGALLY used a Bank Card I AM NOT AUTHORIZED to use, placing themselves at risk of illegal Felony Fraud chargers. I wish to cancel all any items not shipped on Transaction ID 4GD63688UG995523V invoice ID 5fe94cf9fb5a750f7c975807 @ $182.69and Transaction 63B65379302953015 invoice ID 5feao8790393ff71b4bfe14e @$266.68.
Your system is too sensitive as I did NOT click on placing an order, simply hovering near by the order WAS placed WITHOUT going to a PayPal page giving me the opportunity to use the authorized care I AM ONLY authorized to use. YOU took upon yourself to illegally charge the above printed amounts which are monies saved for an upcoming surgery. I have checked with my Attorney after receiving NO replies from the emails I sent within seconds immediately of these orders PLACING themselves YOU deciding to withdraw monies from Bank Accounts with no authorization to be used, we will 1st give you 1 week from today to cancel the order refund the money. I am filing claims disputes today Jan. 4th 2021 to cancel the remaining items you have not shipped up to this date AND filing claims disputes for the items inflated shipping charged THEN my son, the Attorney who charges me nothing to battle you to the highest Court of the land. We will begin with State Courts Appeal to the Supreme Court ask that your company be closed down as we have found we ARE NOT the only persons scammed by this very sensitive system of YOU placing our orders rather than we the PUBLIC placing our orders.

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I contacted your company's support team within minutes, seconds, 24 hours many days after to cancel the orders but you ignored my request. It's difficult to believe you placed my orders at a hoovering mouse but disregarded well placed worded emails to cancel the orders continued sending items. I will keep the glass globes, iron table stands plants you've sent notice that have been shipped if they are undamaged but I EXPECT YOU TO CANCEL REFUND ALL MONIES ON THE REMAINING ORDERS ASAP to the Bank Card YOU took the Felony Fraudulent action of charging these orders to. As I've asked in All emails I ask that you receiving this email the refunding of the monies charged. THEN ONLY THEN WILL I PLACE THE ORDER I HAVE IN MY SHOPPING CART UTILIZING THE DISCOUNT CODE you did NOT apply in the unauthorized orders above. Your actions were obvious SCAMS I will do all in my power to reach all BLOGS, PODCASTS, Friends, Families Strangers of the unscrupulous actions you took with me as an uneducated shopper assuming I'd do nothing take the order by assuming I could not fight for my legal rights. I expect to hear that these actions are rectified within 3-4 days. If you can place a sensitive mouse order in a tenth of a second you can most certainly cancel an order refund my monies to Bank Card ending in 7016 in 24 hours I EXPECT the issue to be resolved immediately. I will NOT accept any further merchandise shipped. You have no idea who you are dealing with. I am an employee of State Government, My Brother is an US International Attorney as well as my son specializing in in Governmental Law in the US. They will work for me THE PUBLIC pro bono to stop these illegal fraudulent orders unless you cancel the above mentioned orders, the 1st placed on Dec. 27th the 2nd on Dec 28th although your documentation states each was placed on Dec. 28th. It is most obvious these are duplicate erroneous orders you have scammed me by not responding to my emails continuing to send merchandise I immediately asked to be cancel. Denise Hardeman

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