Complaint: poor feedback and delivery broken parts on delivery and non working parts or non complete deliveries.

on 24 July 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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Hi I am having issues with as far as being able to find order history. Getting deliveies. Deliverery times and items that actually work. One item ordered this month was supposed to e delivered the end if july for an operation I have in September yet that item im told will not arrive in till the 20th of Sept and with the companies tack record I doubt if it will arrive even then. All my irder history has disappeared. I have an alternative of cancelling all payments through my bank for theft and or fraud but am tying to get bits ordered delivered or working.. my items im looking for are these a 3 meter led lighting strip. A GPS tacker device for my motorcycle. A radio headset unit. The wifi sending unit does not work that was delivered recently and I cannot get a decent reply as to how to get it to work or a refund etc..

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just refund me ill buy b the material directly here through Australian distributors. I no longer wish to deal with that company they are to much of a headache

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