Complaint: Overcharged and didn’t cancel order.

on 29 May 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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On May 27 around 5pm I placed an order on wish. I used a discount code I found online for 20% off. It was accepted at checkout and my total was around $65. In the past, if a discount code was no longer valid it would get declined at checkout. But this time it was accepted. At 5:41pm I recieved an email from wish saying my order total was now $85(ish..I don’t have the exact amount in front of me). I’ve only shopped w wish a few times so I’m unfamiliar with thier business practices. I immediately send a message via thier customer service request submission asking for an explanation why the total was increased to full price and if it had something to do with the discount code to cancel the entire order. A little after 7pm a customer service rep emailed me explaining that yes, the discount code was no longer valid. So I reply immediately and tell her I want the order cancelled. The next day they send me an email with the instructions on how to cancel the order…. but guess what? Now it’s too late. I only had 8 hours to cancel. I’ve been emailing back and forth to wish explaining that I technically DID request my order to be cancelled in under 8 hours… but wish waited to long to tell me how to do it. I’ve gotten 14 reply emails from them. 8 are totally blank, the other 6 either tell me how to cancel the order or thank me for my patience. I’ve requested that a manager call me to straighten this out before my order is shipped but have yet to hear from anyone.
I’m not sure what’s most upsetting, the discount code being accepted during checkout but deemed invalid a half hour later, the way they deliberately avoided telling me how to cancel the order under the 8 hour window had passed, the fact that there is only an 8 hour window to cancel an order yet wish cannot guarantee that a rep will get back to you in less than FORTY EIGHT hours, the fact that there is no access to a supervisor of some sorts or that they are just adamant about not helping. It’s all kind of awful.. they should’ve just reapplied the discount code since it went thru at checkout!!! I really don’t understand how it went thru at checkout but then was found to be invalid a half hour later. How do I, as a customer, trust ANYTHING about a company like that???

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At the MINIMUM, stay within the boundaries of the law and reapply the 20% discount code that was valid at the time of checkout!

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