Complaint: false and misleading information given to new hires

on 02 September 2020 about Winn-Dixie in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

I am writing because i filled out an application for the Bakery to be a cake decorator. Nowhere in the job description does it explain that I would be cooking the food, setting up the lunch line or doing any other deli procedures. It was explained to me that I would only be handling cakes and decorating them and occasionally might have to fix a lunch plate or a customer if there was no one else available. There were 2 other associates hired at he same time and told the same thing. Due to the lead decorator taking care of the cakes and not allowing any of us to even touch a cake proved we would not be handling cakes. I have a level 3 fusion in my back with rods and pins. I can not do strenuous activity or heavy lifting. I made them aware of this. I could not perform all of the duties in the deli due to my back issues. I would not have taken the job if it had been properly explained to me what job i would be performing instead of them lying and saying i would only be decorating cakes. I did not keep the job unfortunately. It was very, very disappointing to fill out an application for one position and be hired for that position under the pretense that that would be the job I would be doing when in all actuality i was put in a position that was harmful to my health and well being. I would recommend that in the future the hiring manager is honest about the duties that are really expected to be performed by the associate and they are honest about what position they are hiring them for and where they will be working. It really made things more difficult for me and I am now out of a job and can not get any help thanks to being lied to. It was very, very misleading and disappointing. I would not refer anyone to fill out an application for winn dixie…ever.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Make it a policy that managers can not mislead associates about the job or job duties they will be performing

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