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on 12 October 2020 about Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino in category Gambling

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My complaint:

On October 7th 2020 around 1:30am upon arriving at the casino I immediately went to the ATM near the main entrance. Unfortunately I could not retrieve any money so I requested a cash advance. As i arrived to the cashier’s i realized I no longer had my card. I went back to the ATM where I was, which was not far from the cashier’s there were a security guards there with the machine opened, I told them I lost my card the gentleman checked inside the machine were the cards are inserted but It’s was not there. So they told me I should cancel it. I went back to the cashier’s to inform them that my card was lost and they alson informed me that I should report it as lost with my bank. As I’m holding for my bank to answer so I cant file the lost card I receive a text informing me that my card had just been charged $51.50 at the Chevron across the was from the casino. As soon as I told my bank what had happened it was to late to stop the charge I have to wait for the transaction to follow thru to dispute it now, I get off the phone with my bank and go to the cashier’s to inform them again that I just put a stop to my card and that someone had already went across the way to the store and used it as well as the security at the front entrance I let them know so they knew. As I am looking for my party the person I went with I hear my name called over the intercom to report to the players club which was not far from where I was. I get there a security ask for my ID and compares it to a card that she has in her hand and what do you know it’s magically appeared. Someone was so kind enough to go use it and return it my belief is it was one of the staff members because who would go out of there way to go back n return a stolen debit card to the place it was stolen from? Sounds suspicious to me. At this point I am so angry that they didn’t even offer me the option to file a report to see if the person who took returned that was odd. when I asked who I needed to file a complaint with she said oh you got to call and make a police report and I was livid at this point, So I just left because I was so tired. I will get a lawyer if I need to have the camera’s checked because there were hardly no people there also a request to see the video at the cheveron to find out who actually used my card. Thank You very much should here from my lawyer soon, Thank you L,Munoz 10122020 12:01 pm

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Suggested solution:

I think that all video should be carefully reviewed where all of this took place on 10072020 at or around the 1am hour up to around the 4am hours to find out who picked up my card and who returned it. I'm just hoping it wasn't one of your staff members as I suspect that it could of been considering they were not to eager for me to file this complaint.

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