Whole Foods complaint: Accused of stealing not paying for an item

Complaint from Tonaltin reported on 28 August 2023 about Whole Foods

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My complaint:

I had finished paying for my items on the self-checkout counter. It included a slice of pizza, I proceeded to sit on the table and begun to enjoy my slice of pizza, a cleaning woman was nearby and was having a casual talk in Spanish(I know her from the times I had gone there before) she’s Spanish speaking so am I. Another employee came over to her and said something, then this employee turned to me and out of the blue asked me if I had paid for the pizza. I replied on the affirmative and then he asked me for the receipt, I asked him if he was accusing me of stealing and he said that he had not seen me pay. I became a bit irate of being accused of not paying or stealing.

I demanded to see the manager but he was the manager. I had the receipt but it was not the point. Long story short I called the police and they responded that if I was not being held or actually accused of stealing there was nothing that they could do. As I was leaving the store manager told me to go steal somewhere else which ed me call corporate headquarters and to write this complaint as I have never been in such a situation which was humiliating, embarrassing and outright wrong. In the hope that something will be done to reprimand the manager I submit this complaint.

Suggested solution:

A formal apology and training for the manager

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