USDA Rural Development complaint: trying to contract usda through regular channels with no success.if you try to call them,it take foreverr and usually you have to wait for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more .

Complaint from reported on 28 July 2023 about USDA Rural Development

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My complaint:

simple English. it takes forever to get hold of someone to discuss mistakes with late payments. you call them(USDA) to talk about the problem and, no success!! all the time waiting on customer service, they tell me it will take a few minutes or to call the next day. no success!! i just need to talk someone about my problem and, get it fix.

Suggested solution:

call me ! bottom question is my experience with USDA is non-existent. it seems all they want for you to pay your loan, and if get behind one time.they threatened to take home away from you for not being able pay on time. that's pretty bad. we have been with USDA for several years until my wife passed away,and that put us in a bend.

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