Uber Eats complaint: Uber Eats Promotions are a SCAM

Complaint from Melanin Monroe reported on 24 November 2023 about Uber Eats

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My complaint:

Placed an order on 11/22/23, using an in-app promotion, which ended 11/23/23. When the order was being checked out, the promo was not applied, it was removed from the order. When you contact uber eats support, they tell you the only way they can help is for you to take a picture of the promo and send it to them. However, in-app promos are removed from the promo list once you use them. There is no way now to provide the proof they require to honor the promo they scammed you out of.

Suggested solution:

Honor the 50% off grocery store orders Promotion which ended on 11/23/23.

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