Complaint: Uber Eat Driver Ruin My Son’s Birthday

on 07 April 2022 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I order dinner for my Son’s birthday via the Uber Eat app, which already has my details including my house address. The driver Peter John called to say he did not know where he is delivering to. I was surprised by his statement as this is not my first time ordering from Uber Eats from the same restaurant and I never had to describe how to get to my house. I nevertheless gave him directions but he was very aggressive over the phone while giving him directions, unfortunately, the phone cut off and every effort to get him on phone was unsuccessful. I then sent him messages to which he replied that I am rude. I re-stated that all I wanted was the delivery and send him the address to my house again to allow him to use his navigation tool to avoid any further upset. but to my dismay, he refused to deliver, refused to pick up my call, and after a few minutes, I was informed that my order has been canceled.

My son went to bed upset on his birthday and it was too late to order a replacement dinner for him. To make matters worse, the Uber Eats message said since this driver has made an attempt to deliver I will be charged for services not rendered.

Suggested solution:

The driver needs to be retrained, an apology to my son for running his birthday and a refund for the money paid for the food.

Uber Eat Driver Ruin My Son's Birthday
Uber Eat Driver Ruin My Son's Birthday
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