Uber Eats complaint: Aggressive delivery driver

Complaint from Zoe1979 reported on 28 January 2024 about Uber Eats

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My complaint:

This morning I made an order through the My McDonalds app for delivery- the details are attached.
When the delivery driver arrived, he was shouting loudly into his mobile phone- as it was 6am I asked him to lower the volume of his voice so he didn’t disturb my neighbours. He became rude, aggressive and confrontational-he asked me if I was stupid and told me to shut up. He attempted to get in my face and I found him very intimidating.

I would like to make a formal complaint about his conduct and the was that he treated me. I am very upset and shaken up by the incident- he frightened both myself and my daughter.

I would like a response from your support team regarding this please.

Order number DG528456726

Zoe Nagorski Dip.HE RMN

Suggested solution:

I would like a response regarding this please

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