Travelodge Hotels complaint: Staff Lied to Me and Then took more money!!

Complaint from reported on 27 June 2023 about Travelodge Hotels

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My complaint:

On Tuesday June 20th my Husband and I checked into the hotel at 3:15 p.m . When we got into our room we noticed there was no microwave or refrigerator like I had paid for. And there was no remote for the T. V . I went back into the lobby to ask the lady if we could get a microwave and refrigerator like I paid for . Staff said she was busy but would get back to me as soon as she could. I went back to the room , didn’t bring in my stuff because I was moving rooms. I waited over an hour and a half before I went back to the lobby and asked the lady if she forgot about me. She said no and said she was just finishing cleaning the lobby and making more coffee. But then she would be right with me. I said ok and as I was walking off I remember thinking to myself (wow I guess coffee and a already cleaned lobby was more important than a paying customer. Finally around 7p.m I got a new room , one with two beds which I wanted the bed I originally ordered wich was a king bed but whatever at least I had a refrigerator and microwave. I them proceeded to go to the store to get dinner when I went to pay for my food and my card was declined! Travelodge had taken all my money and when I went to ask the lady at the desk about this she apologized and said it was a computer glitch. Band she would refund the money . I asked her how long this would take and she told me 48 hrs . I walked off back to the room thinking to myself how was I going to get home cause I had no money for gas and I didn’t even get to eat dinner. The next morning(TODAY) I noticed that the money that Travelodge took came out and they didn’t refund my money at all! I called and the lady told me it was because I had a pet and that’s why they took my money. I have stayed at this hotel many many many times and they knew about my service animal and never had to pay for my dog before. The HOTEL straight up lied to my face and I WANT A REFUND AND MY MONEY BACK. STAFF HERE LIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED!

Suggested solution:

I want a refund for $53.00 because I didn't get what I paid for and I want my 15.00 back they took from me without asking . That's not asking Alot considering the people that work there and how they lie straight to your face. B

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