Travelodge Hotels complaint: Illegal Charge

Complaint from Heather Fritz reported on 19 October 2023 about Travelodge Hotels

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My complaint:

I came to hotel late that night after notifying hotel I would be. I paid for hotel early on Priceline, but they wanted a credit card for incidentals. I gave them one but told them they didn’t have permission to charge it. They said no problem. They said it might charge 10.00 to my card but I would get it back next day.
I picked my daughter up, who lived in town, on the way so we could visit at the hotel. My room was very bare. two queen beds with only 3 very flat and tiny pillows and no cover on one of the pillows. no blanket only bedspreads. The sheets looked used. I was too tired to complain because I just wanted to sleep. I even had to go get toilet paper.
Regardless, we sat down to visit. She came in and we visited and then she left later (early morning.) Front desk claims she came later pretending to be door dash- which never happened.
She might have gone to get food for us- I don’t remember- it was late.
After we visited she took my car and left.
I had to gather all the small pillows so I had enough to sleep on, but used only one bed.
Early next morning my daughter returned with her husband. Then they left and I stayed a few more hours and then she called me to meet her at her house so I checked out and left. I made sure everything was picked up and EVEN REMADE MY BED. I checked out.

A few days ago I noticed they charged me a $20.00 fee. I called to day and they started yelling at me about how my kids stayed with me- no they didn’t- and that they had cameras in the rooms and saw someone sleeping in the other bed???- my daughter lives there. She was there late but I did’t get there until after 10:00 pm!!! She came early in the morning to bring me food and tell me where she needed to go before we could leave for my house.
They said both beds were used. I told them no they were made and that the pillows had been used, again because they were small flat travel size pillows and I have asthma and need pillows! Saying they had cameras in my room is a big concern! And charging a fee that I didn’t authorize or deserve is incomprehensible! Bottom line: I could have health department in there for a few of their offenses. I am not being a jerk and asking for my entire bill back but I refuse to give them any more money- especially $20.00. They charged me more to have two beds as it was. I only got that because it’s what was available and I hoped it gave me a larger room. I think I was wrong at that. Regardless- dumpy establishment, very rude people who started yelling at me for inquiring about my fees and then tell me they had 24 hour cameras in my room! I need my money returned.

Suggested solution:

Give me my money back. An apology for how they just treated me would be too much for them I suppose but I won't stay at another travel lodge due to their behavior. I was shocked at the room but overlooked it because it's a bad town, but I am extremely insulted at how I was just treated. And I travel for work all the time. Definitely not a good situation.

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