TLC complaint: 90 Day Fiancee Gino/Jasmine

Complaint from Grossed out Gma reported on 28 October 2023 about TLC

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My complaint:

I used to enjoy watching 90 Day Fiancee but it had gotten to be a bit much with Angela Deems and her mouth. After a while, it got better with Angela and now I can’t believe how low the show has gone with Jasmine and Gino. They’re sexual content is ridiculous. It’s repulsive to watch and listen to their sexual escapades. Had to turn it off. Way too over the top for entertainment. Show is not an R or X Rated, so stop it already. They need to be either toned down or removed. I truly loved watching TLC, but will no longer be watching 90 Day Finances due to their discussing behavior.

Suggested solution:

Tone down Jasmine Gino or remove them from 90 Day Fiancee

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