TISHCO Properties complaint: Lack of management and equal application of your own company’s rules and regulations

Complaint from Absolutely disgusted and disappointed in management reported on 26 May 2023 about TISHCO Properties

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My complaint:

I’m 59 years old this year a professional by trade as a funeral director embalmer since 1988. As of October 2022 I moved into the apartments and thought it would be a great location since they were new and relatively well kept. As of November 22 management rented to a young girl and baby and mother of the young girl I assume and as of that night in November I have had nothing but stomping running dropping stuff hard on the ceilings rattling the globe in my kitchen light just utter disrespect for anyone else in her. The first night she moved in I had to finally go to her door at 4:00 a.m. and ask her to stop sliding furniture across her floor. Since then I have had to call the police approximately seven times and I’m not one that needs the police involved in my life so that was a first. As it continues in May 24th 2023 there has been no response from management no response from corporate about enforcing their own rules and regulations as far as noise. After 5:00 this place just goes wild with teenagers running around banging on doors ringing doorbells people who do not live here are always in the pool on the weekends especially and speaking with other elderly people that live here they have the same complaints about management not what it was since management has changed on the property. Management with Lakeview Gardens is non-existent as far as upholding your own company rules it’s been nothing but torture for me since living here and it’s an occurrence every day of the upstairs neighbor constantly running dropping stuff screaming multiple people in the apartment stomping and running all hours of the night. Your own rules and regulations are not being enforced by your employee. I have recorded over 100 episodes of audio and management refuses to listen and or come to my apartment as they have been invited multiple times although once 2 weeks ago they actually left their desk and walk into my apartment and agreed they heard the noise yet I’m the one that has been suggested that I might need to find somewhere else to live. This is been going on since November 22 till May 24th at 11:08 a.m. continuous noise and stomping and now because management has spoken with them about the problem (obviously their buddy buddies)nothing continues to be addressed or rules and forced referencing noise. I am on Management’s blacklist now and they basically won’t even acknowledge any of my complaints. I’ve pretty much been called a liar just because she doesn’t see cars in the parking lot in her mind obviously no one’s home yet stomping and running and screaming continues. IT’S NOT JUST THE CHILD OR MULTIPLE CHILDREN IT’S THE SUPPOSED ADULT CHILDREN AS WELL. I know for a fact there’s a baby the mother of the baby and the mother of the mother that constantly in everyday wake me up in the mornings with stomping and usually it’s midnight or later before it stops. Again I live my life to the point of not needing police involved yet I have since moving here had to call them approximately seven times and many reports given to management which is ignored. Again to the point that I am being basically suggested I move out and find somewhere different rather than ENFORCE YOUR OWN COMPANY RULES AND REGULATIONS. I HAVE RIGHTS AS A RESIDENT I HAVE RIGHTS AS A DISABLED I HAVE RIGHTS TO LIVE MY LIFE IN PEACE AND HAPPINESS. As we speak right now since 8: 00am this morning I have been awakened to a running child and parent or grandparent stomping across the floor as if they on the apartments and in general they do because management does nothing to stop the torture that I am experiencing. I have rights as a resident and I have to leave my home as it is right now in order to have sanity and peace. You have people on the weekends that are in your pool that do not live here you have young girls out there at the pool with their asses hanging out playing rap music with violent cussing involved cars consistently pulling through that have no business here as if a drug den is developing. Lowndes county sheriff’s department cars always are running through trying to catch someone and absolute nice facility although cheaply built will be destroyed within 5 years if allowed to continue on the path that it is. The manager of this apartment selectively enforces rules and allows her buddies who live here to have free reign which is what I’m dealing with with the neighbor upstairs. Desperately seeking help in addressing this situation.

Suggested solution:

Enforce rules and regulations equally and stop calling decent living people troublemakers

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