Complaint: Unfair removal of account and withholding money

on 25 March 2021 about TikTok in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I have tried many different routes to contact tiktok and have so far had only one vague message back with worrying accusations and no explanation.

My daughter’s 200k account @chilalidk was recently permanently banned. She had £650 saved in it that she has earned. It has been banned with only the explanation of violating the Illegal Activities and Regulated Goods Policy, which knowing my daughter and knowing my daughters account is unfair and untrue. I monitor my daughter’s account regularly and we have seen no evidence of any violation of this policy.

We have received no explanation beyond this, I have asked which posts caused the violation and have had no response. We also have no case ID.

My daughters have recently been victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their father and his girlfriend. It has come to light that her father and his girlfriend reported my daughters account and the account was permanently banned on the same day. My daughters have previously endured weeks of bullying via telephone and occasionally in person. It appears that this is simply another way in which they have been able to abuse my daughter. We would like to know exactly what was written in that report so we can feed this back to the police, investigation reference 361596321. We believe that there may be slanderous content, which has been the cause of her account being permanently banned.

My daughter is incredibly distressed at the sudden removal of her account, which was successful and she had a financial interest in. We would also like an explanation of where her money is. Under UK law, it is illegal to withhold payment already accrued from earnings, even if there is a dismissal. We would like to know how tiktok plans to resolve this.

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Suggested solution:

We would like a full investigation into this, a copy of the complaint from her father, an explanation of the intentions with respects to my daughters finances and her account reinstated. If there has been a violation of any kind we ask that tiktok works with my daughter to explain the problem, so she can move forward with full knowledge of any mistake, as opposed to removing her account without any explanation beyond a vague email. My daughter works hard on her account with the intention to inspire and uplift. She is 17 years old and under my full time care. The notion that she is involved in trading or promoting anything mentioned in your policy is abhorrent.

If in fact my daughter has broken the guidelines she is accused of, it is TikTok’s duty of care, as a platform providing a service for minors, to inform me of the evidence of what she has been accused of, as the allegations are extremely serious and I need to have all the information to implement safeguarding procedures in order to protect my daughter.

Also, due to the situation with the domestic abuse from her father and his girlfriend, it is also within TikTok’s duty of care to inform me of what my daughter has been accused of, as well as the exact wording of his accusations so again I may take correct safeguarding steps in order to protect my daughter. Simply stating that my daughter has been involved in drugs, alcohol, prostitution, human trafficking, fire arms etc without releasing all the facts to her mother is irresponsible and breaks many codes of conduct as well as laws.

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